Strong Muslim Mutant With Pms

"Ce n'est pas le costume qui fait le héro mais la personne qui le porte." Sarah Sheherazade || 16 || moroccan smooth perfection.

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marvel meme: [4/10] characters 
↳ kamala khan

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Venting out on Reyna seemed perfect. Aand of course, it was the last ask I received, lol. 

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people who go into the shower then turn it on are not to be trusted

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iwatobitchclub said: Oh my god o_o how does that even happen

Long story short, my dad and I were at the pharmacy to buy some medicines I need and he was talking with the pharmacist in arabic and I didn’t understand a thing until I asked him the prizes in french and I don’t know what went through that woman’s head but she somewhat thought that, because I look a lot like my little brother (he’s like 3 and everybody knows him in the neighborhood) I was his mother thus my father’s wife.


Though it’s not the first time it happened, someone thought once that I was my dad’s sister and now it has me wondering, do I look older than 16 or is it my dad who looks younger than 48 ???

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Stephanie Brown

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being mistaken for my dad’s wife traumatized me.


White Hair | His Sacrifice | Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul
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Racism in advertising.
This is what we’re told constantly. That our brown skin is ugly and that we can only be beautiful if we’re white.

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Dear Arrow writers

"Ta-er Al-Asfar" is not how you say "Canary" in Arabic. "Asfar" literally means "yellow" and I don’t think "ta-er" means a fucking thing. The right way to say Canary in arabic is…Canary. Yep, that’s how you say it, you just got to roll the r and you successfully pronounced the word in arabic !

*sigh* you don’t cast actual arabs to play arab characters AND you even bullshit the language…get a fucking grip, Arrow writers.

sometimes, what we want isn’t what the world needs. […] this mask is my badge now. if i don’t define what it means…monsters like this will. this is where i’m needed most.


Justice League: Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent